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Xperl health bar not updating

Now I use Questie, pf Quest, Bagnon, Aux, Auctioneer, Enchantrix, Informant, Mob Info 3, Mob Health 3, Bongos, Luna Unit Frames, Extended Quest Log 4, Cartographer, Postal, Prat, Census , and probably some others I can't remember off the top of my head.

Before opening World of Warcraft, just fire up Wow Matrix and let it update your Wo W Add Ons quickly and safely.

Being able to see the rank of the spell is certainly a little too OP, but the name, and duration of the cast are somewhat displayed on the base UI without numbers so there is no reason to justify such a big restriction on both of them.

Addons simply have to put cast time and spell name without spell ID which are tied to rank.

Here are just some of the many Wo W Add Ons supported by Wow Matrix, with more being added daily: Just wanted to thank you for your awesome program!

Our entire guild and all my friends are now using it.

I miss cast bars being inside the unit frame, but this will do for now.

Replaces CTRA MT Targets window, and doubles as a replacement for the Perl Raid Frames warrior targets. Frames will be coloured to show if tanks have duplicate targets. Health bar as normal, but a secondary small red bar on targets which shows the maximum single hit this unit has received since entering combat.

Shows selected classes (defaults to healer classes) in a list (much like the MT List), but with some differences. The secondary bar will extend downwards from their current HP level down to as far as zero.

Active Scanner to check raid member's equipment for the item selected. I've tried going to "General" and checking both "Buff Cooldowns" and "Buff Countdowns" and the "ALL" options, but still nothing. -Cheers I also have my buffs set to appear above my nameplate, and debuffs would obviously be below, but it's showing them ALL above, and I can see countdown duration, but still no luck on seeing countdown duration on enemy nameplate debuffs - anyone have the answer, or is it just something that needs to be updated via the author, etc? The later is up to date for classic but since the Classic API does not provide the information to track castbar & stuff anymore they're currently not showing.

So you can be sure that people actually have the item worn (Onyxia Cloak for example), without having to go round single target inspecting everyone who 'forgot' to install CTRA for the 50th raid in a row. Zperl won't show Target debuff timers as an independent addon nor will the timers work with Classic Aura Frames, Omni CC or Luna Unit Frames. -Thanks & Cheers all Not showing buff & debuff durations - ideas? Beside classiccastbars I don't know anymore addon that display enemy castbar at this time.

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Aside from a few boss abilities that are slow, far between and easier to catch not everything can be done by following emotes.