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The celebration is just getting started; check back on the World of Warcraft site as we get closer to the anniversary to learn more about the in-game rewards and events we have planned.

*These mounts are unavailable for use in World of Warcraft Classic.

You can use the World of Warcraft: Companion to interact with a number of in-game features.

Several quests and quest lines become non-canon and retconned when overwritten by a later source of lore such as the ending of the Onyxia questline (originally available since Vanilla) being replaced by the story of The Comic (happening between the events of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King).

In several occasions, Cataclysm brought continuity errors, such as mobs being killed (their heads being brought to the quest givers) but remained alive after the revamp (such as the deaths of Weldon Barov and Alexi Barov).

Alabaster Stormtalon for Alliance characters Alabaster Thunderwing for Horde characters It’s a monumental year for World of Warcraft as we celebrate 15 years of epic adventures and community—don’t miss out on getting these treasured collectibles to mark the occasion.

If you missed out on pre-purchasing the 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition on the Blizzard Gear Store, don’t worry.

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