Wmp retrieving media information and updating files

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Wmp retrieving media information and updating files

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Visit Stack Exchange Basically When I update song info such as artist, title etc in windows media player, the changes are not made to the mp3 file itself.

I have just spent hours ensuring the songs have the correct info only to realize that the changes aren't being made to the songs themselves.

The info displays correctly in windows media player.

However, I'm having great trouble implementing Zune and Windows Media Player.

I've done a lot of googling on the subject, unfortunately it's only confusing me more and more.

All other methods may return E_NOTIMPL 2) Instantiate the "WMPlayer.

OCX" COM object (in my case, via Co Create Instance) 3) Retrieve from the object an IOle Object interface pointer via Query Interface 4) Instanciate an object from the class seen in 1) (I use the CCom Object:: Create Instance template) 5) Use the Set Client Site method from the interface you got at 3), passing a pointer to your Ole Client Site implementation.

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9) DONE All the above was tested with VS2010 / Windows Seven, and with WMP running (if there is no Media Player process running, just do nothing).

I don't know if yoy can/want to implement COM interface and object in Python. You could use that code in a C DLL, and then call it from python. You can get this information programmatically like this: This is C , but at that point you can wrap the native code.

6) During the Set Client Site call, WMP will callback you: fisrt asking for an IService Provider interface pointer, second calling the Query Service method, asking for an IWMPRemote Media Services interface pointer.

Return your implementation of IWMPRemote Media Services and, third, you will be called again via Get Service Type. You are now connected to the WMP running instance 7) Query the COM object for an IWMPMedia interface pointer 8) If 7) didn't gave NULL, read the the IWMPMedia::name property.

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Which is heavily unreliable to track with my current method, albeit possible.

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