Wives dating other men No cc required chat

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Wives dating other men

I love seeing the look on her face when she's with another guy. Have you ever wondered why people ride roller coasters or jump out of airplanes or visit haunted houses? It's difficult to explain unless you've actually put yourself in my position." "I guess that makes sense," Jake said after a pause. It was a question that had been at the back of his mind since their first meeting. Trust me, there aren't many single guys on that site who fit that profile. As she approached the bar, Jake inhaled her sweet scent. Jake shared the embarrassing fact that he hadn't been with a woman in nearly a year, and he learned that Laura's last "boyfriend" left her at around that same time. Jake had mentioned that he was a pretty decent pool player, and Laura challenged him to a game.It's a look that I enjoyed myself when we first met. Even though they aren't putting themselves in any real danger their bodies react as if they are. That's basically how I feel when I watch Laura with another guy. "Sort of." "But you still think I'm crazy," Matt added. You also just happened to be online at the right moment." "Okay," Jake said with a chuckle. I don't want to hear from her how much better you are than I am, or how much bigger your dick is. "What's this I hear about cleaning cum out of my pussy? Before heading into the bar, Matt suggested that he and Jake switch roles."Goddamn you're good at that," she said, stroking his ego once more. She dropped to the floor on her knees and bent face-first over a footstool in the middle of the room.Her perfectly sculptured ass looked delicious and inviting.He glanced around the house and couldn't help but wonder where Matt was hiding."I figure we can have an appetizer before dinner," she said with a sexy smile.

If you are seeking a Relationship in the Polygamy or Poly Realm we are here to Help.Author's note: This is a story about a man who enjoys sharing his wife with other men, as told from the perspective of the "other man." If you find this situation offensive or distasteful, please don't read any further.This can be read as a standalone story, although it is the second part of a trilogy. Jake's body churned with adrenaline as he pulled into Matt and Laura's driveway promptly at the agreed-upon time.This is the place to discuss what poly means to you.Find dates and friends that make you smile, tell your stories in our forums and blogs, share your unique experiences, and explore new ideas.

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