Who is serena dating on gossip girl season 6 the rules of dating web

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Who is serena dating on gossip girl season 6

Firstly, he was much older than Serena (which we know doesn’t scare her off) so that off set the relationship a tad and secondly, he had daughter, Sage, who was close in age to Serena!The whole ‘dating a father’ thing became a problem when Sage began rebelling and deliberately trying to sabotage their relationship.He really made her work for his affection which she wasn’t used to doing.Oblivious to it all, Serena runs off with him to Argentina, proving once again she’ll do anything for him, but it’s pretty clear if the tables were turned he wouldn’t do the same for her.Whenever they tried, one of them would still be reeling from an ex, or couldn’t commit to a relationship or was still involved with someone else.started off with the gang finding Serena in her ‘new life’ and realizing she had a mysterious new boyfriend.When she finds out he was playing her, she kicks him out of the car and we never see him again!

Right from the get-go it started off on a bad foot when these two got together behind Blair’s back.

That hook up looked bad not only on Nate, but also on Serena.

We admit they had a little bit of chemistry, but it was pretty clear these two were better as friends.

The entire relationship was physical and never really reached a deeper level and sometimes seemed a little forced.

Not to mention, Nate has the worst taste in women…he always seems to make the wrong choices and pick the wrong girls. Luckily, fate stepped in and the timing never panned out for them to actually make it as a couple.

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5 Gabriel Edwards was almost more of a schemer than Blair Waldorf, but not quite good enough to get away with it.

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