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Who is felicia day dating

Unfortunately, having been home-schooled and a very Goody Two-shoes, I had never done a shot before properly.I had always kind of sipped them, so there was an angle on him and I threw back a shot in the scene acting all tough and I threw it back all over my face.Felicia has a long term boyfriend that she doesn't really talk about on social media.It's probably him(Sidenote: if the 8 month secret pregnancy showed us anything it's that Felicia is really good at keeping her private life out of the public eye)I herd a podcast (I think it was smodcast with Kevin Smith) a few years back where she said that she was in a long term relationship that she never wanted to talk about as she wanted to keep that part of her life out of the limelight I'm happy for both Felicia and her baby, and wish them both the very best, but I'm also super curious about who is the dad.Day loves interacting with fans, and she revealed that getting to talk with them during her 12-city book tour made her more excited than anything.

Basically, there’s a scene where I’m at the bar and I had to steal one of Jensen’s shot glasses and steal his shot and throw it back.But if you think you know everything about her, you’re wrong. While being home-schooled allowed Day to pursue many of her passions, it also meant she had some problems when it came to socializing with other kids her age.We dug a little deeper — and even got to chat with Day — to find out more about her. “I had a lot of funny things happen to me as a kid,” Day said.“That kind of representation can change people’s perceptions in a small way about what a congressional member can be or who a prime minister can be.To me, pointing those things out in a way that says, ‘Hey, this could be different,’ most people will embrace the differences and the idea that you could do something differently.” Day hasn’t had much occasion to use her violin on-screen, but in her memoir , she reveals that her skill as a violinist earned her a scholarship to the University of Texas and a get out of high school free card.

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In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible for a celeb to keep a baby bump or pregnancy news off the internet, but somehow Day pulled it off. Anybody who frequents a renaissance festival holds a special place in our hearts. In fact, she and her friends get together regularly (sometimes on the internet in the form of the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club) to have a few drinks and discuss their current romance favorite. It’s the most popular, best-selling genre out there and it doesn’t really get any respect at all.