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“Just trying to get the word out to the right groups of people who would be the most enthusiastic about pulling weeds was really where the legwork came in.,” said Meg Calley, director of farming and education at Sprout City Farms in Denver, CO.

Sprout City Farms operates a one-acre urban community farm at the Denver Green School.

But longtime advocates of reform say this time the circumstances are different.

For one thing, the legislation has some powerful backers in Congress, including Sen.

Budbo is a play on "Bubo," the name of the mechanical owl in the original "Clash of the Titans" film that assists film protagonist Perseus.

“We said absolutely,” said Lou Meyer of Greensleeves Farm, a sustainable farm 20 miles south of Cincinnati in Alexandria, KY.

“Anything to bring folks into the farm to introduce them to local farming, sustainable farming, etc., etc.

The Tinder-like swiping mechanic, labeled "puff" and "pass," is an invention of Budbo, Heldreth said, and is intended to make shopping for a particular product easier.

The program pulls information from the websites of dispensaries and displays flower, concentrates and tinctures.

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