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(When running connectlogger2.exe, please make sure you do not click 'OK' on the 2nd popup window until issue you are experiencing has occurred.Once completed, send the resulting to your Web Ex Support representative.) Download Tap to collapse A trace utility used for case escalations related to DNS/latency/network issues.For J2EE (WBS 21 or higher) 'live' meeting issues, you must use WBXTracer utility to gather this data.It is a tool that adapts very well to meetings of a high professional level, being very effective for the transmission of information and the reduction of logistics expenses and the growth of the personnel.

It does not adapt very well for the organization of meetings at distances that merit communication with personnel located in communities of difficult access, which do not have an excellent connection to the internet, therefore the tool is more advisable for office activities but not field. I honestly feel that with most people using i Phone nowadays, it's easy to just call or use Face Time if you need to be in touch with a client.

Please try again [Error 23]" You can try to capture the Webex logs via wbxtracer, and you will probably find an error 0x800B010A in it. Most typically this means there could be a problem with any certificate in the certificate path used to verify the digital signature on the file.

I could't find anything usefull in the internet, except for the fact that it is a certificate chain problem. In my case, the issue is related to a missing intermediate signing certificate from Verisign (which is used to verify digital signature of Webex files) The fix is to download the certificate manually and install it as Intermediate CA certificate on affected PCs.

Cisco Webex Meetings Server aka CWMS is sometimes a little bit picky about certificates.

If you get the following error message whilst trying to acces the CWMS site it usually indicates a problem with your certstore: "Setup was unsuccessful. It means there is something wrong with the integrity check of a (Webex .dll) file.

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