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He watches my updates almost within an hour of me posting them even on the weekends. This guy follows on ig couple hundred people lol so it'd not like he has few people there.

The Labour Day holiday is a holiday I know I've seen as an ending for a long while.

Get up, start running or join the next marathon, triathlon or cycling events near Oak View.

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Hollywood, California, Sydney Austrailia, Auckland New Zealand, Rotorua, and Queenstown! It’s quite the event, everyone needs to go at least once, maybe annually!

Everyone was a joy to be around and a blast to ski with. The tour was conducted by staff member of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

Every month the tour is conducted by a different staff member and different pieces in the collection are highlighted.

Never give money to anyone you're chatting with on a dating site or app. These predators use online dating sites to take advantage of women who are lonely for attention and looking for love. If you don’t respond to his message immediately, he sulks or complains about it. It's unlikely he's looking for a serious relationship.

He's out to show the world — and you — that he gets around and is proud of it.

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We will meet there again on BBQ & drinks first and then join the crowd to watch the cowboys try to ride & rope.