Warning signs internet dating scams

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Warning signs internet dating scams

The spoofing technology can operate over public switched telephone network (PSTN) or voice over internet protocol (Vo IP), which is more vulnerable.

Some spoofing technologies can manipulate the communications network in such a way that even the phone company operator can’t tell what’s going on.

Either way, the caller insists, your Social Security number has been compromised.

The only way to get out of this mess is to confirm your number and pay a hefty fee—often, though not always, through the purchase of a gift card— to reactivate your number. Your Social Security benefits are just fine, and the only illegal act that’s happening is the phone call.

Unfortunately, fraudsters can pull off this trick pretty easily and cheaply, thanks to readily available open-source spoofing software.

Lynge, acting assistant inspector general for external relations for the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General.

What’s more, it’s your bank or your credit monitoring organization that would typically call in the event of suspected identity theft.

Sometimes the caller will actually ask for your Social Security number, then use it to nab other information about you and steal your identity.

From there, criminal acts—all linked to your account—can erupt, such as creating credit card accounts and racking up huge bills in your name.

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The trickster convinced him that his Social Security number was being used fraudulently at a bunch of banks, and he’d be arrested if he didn’t comply. More than 76,000 Social Security scam calls were reported to the Federal Trade Commission in the 12-month period ending in April, with losses totaling $19 million.

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