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Microsoft no longer supports Windows Gadget development so that they can focus on native apps for Windows 8 and Windows 10.However, all of the gadgets below are still available, do work with both Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and are completely free to download.It tracks CPU load and memory usage over the last 30 seconds, and even tell you how long it's been since your computer was last shut off.The best thing about the System Control A1 gadget is that it supports up to eight CPU cores, making it fully compatible with the latest multi-core CPUs.It's a great gadget to use to keep track of the major hardware resources currently being used by Windows.There are a few options in the Drive Activity gadget - you can choose the type of graph to display (polygon or lines) and also which of your hard drives to include in the display (you can choose more than one). Alert Con provides a visual representation of the current state of security across the internet.Windows 7 gadgets can be a lot more than a pretty interface for your clock or news feed.

You can download the code / gadget from Ode To Code.

Just don't expect it to swing up and down regularly - the internet as a whole isn't typically under serious threats.

Windows Vista introduced the Sidebar – an anchored panel on the Windows desktop that can host mini-applications known as gadgets.

It displays the free space in both GB and percentage, and works with local, removable, network, and/or media drives.

The System Control A1 gadget is a fantastic resource monitor gadget for Windows 7.

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