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When it comes to the support experience, customers seek familiar, informal, and, most important, immediate forms of contact.That’s why, for brands seeking to interact directly with consumers, real-time communication is a no-brainer.Bots can help your brand scale 1:1 communication, but agents can help humanize your brand and leave customers with a memorable, personalized experience.When it’s time to answer the call, humans must be available on all fronts, be it social or mobile.From 9 to 5, people can monitor several chatbot conversations simultaneously, taking over when chatbots get stumped. ”—a human agent can step in at the right time and then review the archived bot conversation, quickly gleaning the gist of the user’s queries.That’s the sort of Go Butler model most companies would do best to avoid, though it does let reps drift in and out of conversations as needed and handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Chatbots can even tell humans what to say at the handoff via a preset response.Chatbots can do a lot, it’s true, but their capabilities are eclipsed by their shortcomings in creating a wholesome, human support experience.

According to Van Baker, research vice president at Gartner, “By 2020, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have deployed product chatbots.” That said, these powerful engagement tools can fall short when it comes to personalized, human interactions. Creating an experience that is deep, emotional, and human in the midst of emerging technologies.If the bot’s confidence in its answer is at least middling, the person signaled will check its response.Once it’s checked and approved by a human, the bot can continue interacting with its customer.Rather, they were built to serve as intermediaries, meant to keep customer support accessible after business hours and to free up human agents to handle tricky requests.Unfortunately, some companies, like email schedulers Clara and and concierge service Go Butler, have been so eager to achieve the appearance of an automated system, they end up further burdening their human employees.

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Handover tactics change depending on the channels where human agents are waiting, a company’s business hours, and the difficulty of the user query.

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