Valve not updating 360 tf2

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Valve not updating 360 tf2

Although many of the competitive leagues have responded with statements, bans and policy changes, some have remained silent on the issue.

Players have also reported the toxicity goes beyond the competitive sphere to almost all parts of the Team Fortress 2 community - so the question is, should Valve do more to discourage it?

He reiterated that these are still huge issues in the community, and called on the TF2 community to punish competitive players exhibiting toxic behaviour.

Another player by the name of "Kaim Time" stated he'd been the butt of anti-semitic jokes and slurs when he played in the UGC League.

The community members took to social media to reveal harrowing personal stories of racism, sexism, transphobia and sexual abuse.

This same group apparently stalked vulnerable people in the workshop community, even finding their Facebook profiles, and there have been attempts to steal identities.

Shortly afterwards, content creator Ness "uberchain" Delacroix came forward with her own experiences as a photojournalist for - an organisation which covers the TF2 esports leagues.

Delacroix gave a detailed account of some of the emotional and sexual manipulation she'd experienced behind the scenes at LAN events.

The responses have been, extremely disappointing to put it lightly & here is my response to the situation at hand SZ8BC— Tagg (@That Guy Tagg) August 6, 2018 And the problems seem to extend far beyond the competitive TF2 community.

Workshop creator Juniper "Fuzzymellow", who identifies as non-binary, revealed they'd had to deal with transphobia within their TF2 projects and had witnessed doxxing, stalking and harassment within the workshop community.

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Meanwhile, in response to the transphobic remarks made by TF2 league players, map maker Rebecca "Phi" Ailes announced she would be ending her work on maps for the competitive scene.

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