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A common example of spatial data can be seen in a road map.

A road map is a two-dimensional object that contains points, lines, and polygons that can represent cities, roads, and political boundaries such as states or provinces.

Each coordinate in an element is stored as an X, Y pair.

is an ordered sequence of vertices that are connected by straight line segments or circular arcs.

A GIS is often used to store, retrieve, and render this Earth-relative spatial data.

Types of spatial data (other than GIS data) that can be stored using Spatial include data from computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems.

For information about support for three-dimensional geometries, see Section 1.11. The supported spatial element types are points, line strings, and polygons.

For example, elements might model star constellations (point clusters), roads (line strings), and county boundaries (polygons).

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For example, a point might represent a building location, a line string might represent a road or flight path, and a polygon might represent a state, city, zoning district, or city block.

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