Validating sharepoint in a gmp environment

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The authorities ensure prior to drug distribution that the characteristics of interest are functional and comply with the safety standards.Retrospective Validation – Regulators need assurance from time to time that the drugs already being produced and distributed are of highly quality.Therefore, each critical step in the manufacturing process must be verified to perform as intended under defined conditions.

Sorry for a bit mess, but you can select document from Library..

So if there is no attachment then another column is set to required but if there is an attachment then the other column is not set to required.

Would prefer to do this as vanilla sharepoint rather than adding javascript etc You can create a Site Column based on "Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing" type (you might need to activate Publishing Infrastructure feature on site collection and site level)..

2: Cleaning Validation Let’s say your company just finished manufacturing tablets for fever and will soon manufacture a batch of dysentery tablets using those same equipments.

What if the residues of first batch couldn’t be cleaned properly and got mixed with the ingredients of the next batch? FDA conducts GMP validation for cleaning to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs between different batches.

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Subsequently, this can be the first of a series of topics among error resolutions in all versions of Share Point, specifically 2010. So, here we were trying to expand the Share Point 2010 farm a bit.

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