Validating html controles

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Validating html controles

Notice in the following screen capture, we can see the Required Field Validator error message display on the form. The user does not wait on a server round trip to discover errors.

Click Yes and then hover over error icons to see error messages specified for individual columns.

Once the value is entered other columns should be filled with data based on the user input in column 1.

The grid control has built-in data type validation enabled by default.

If you enter a string value into a column bound to a numeric data field, and then, press ENTER or try to move focus away from the cell, the grid validates data input and raises an error as the string cannot be converted to a numeric value.

Hover over the error icon to see the same error message.

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In the Properties dialog box find the Control To Validate property and select First Name Text Box from the drop down list. We can set other properties, such as the Error Message property, and the final ASPX source code should look like the following. NET work in a similar fashion to what we've seen above. If the client's web browser is of executing client side Java Script, the first validation pass occurs on the client.

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