Uzbekistan malika dating

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Uzbekistan malika dating

The amazing Uzbekistan rich history of more than two millennia is definitely a trip worth visiting. After breakfast start guided sightseeing tour in the capital of Uzbekistan, the biggest city in Central Asia. Visit Khast-Imam Complex, where the world famous Quran, holy book that belonged to Caliph Uthman, has been preserved.Be impressed with the amazing architecture, ancient cities and fascinating history of the silk road. The complex consists of Barak-Khan Madrasah, Tillya Sheykh Mosque, Saint Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum and the Islamic Institute of Imam al-Bukhari. Then take a ride on Tashkent Metro to the city center walk through Amir Timur Square, Independence Square and visit Applied Arts Museum. Visit Ichan-Qala Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site.Tashkent, is the capital of Uzbekistan and the largest city in Central Asia.The city probably dates from the 2nd or the 1st century BC.

If you want to enjoy the landscape as you travel, we recommend taking the train.

Guests are advised to check visa requirements and where necessary to make their application at least four weeks prior to their intended date of travel.

The Congress Secretariat will send Letters of Invitation to those delegates for the purpose of visa applications and other official procedures.

This comfortable hotel is located in the center of Tashkent, close to the exhibition center “Uz Expocentre”, the International Business Center, the National Bank of Uzbekistan, Aquapark, the Television tower and the Japanese Garden.

In a striking, high-rise building opposite the expansive Amir Timur Square, this down-to-earth hotel is a 3-minute walk from the nearest metro station.

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The purpose of the invitation letters is to facilitate participation in the congress for the delegates and does not imply any commitment on the part of organizers to provide any financial support.