Updating zone update unsuccessful

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Updating zone update unsuccessful

The distro installation process includes the following steps: The end-to-end installation process is asynchronous and split across three OS processes.

At any point during the installation, the device may lose power, run out of disk space, etc., causing the installation check to not complete successfully.

For details on using tapas, see Building the Data app using tapas. To do this, the system image build must explicitly include the Updater App and Data App prebuilt targets.

The Updater App should be signed with the platform key and included as any other system app. The Data App inclusion is OEM-specific and depends on the target name chosen for the prebuild.

To handle this, the system server code keeps track of whether a triggered update check has completed and what the last checked version code of the Data App is.

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The distro file format is Android-release dependent because the contents change with the ICU version, Android platform requirements, etc.

Android provides distro files for supported Android releases for every IANA update (in addition to updating the platform system files).

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A zone is considered broken when it is not receiving updates anymore.

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