Updating xml net

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Updating xml net

Christopher Smith [email protected] Technologies, Incorporated - meant to post this in t...

Print record once, update Yes/No field verifiying print I would like to print a group of records, then have a Yes/No field [Printed] updated in my Jobs table with an update query showing the records were printed.

-- Jo Ann Paules MVP Microsoft [Publisher] Tech Editor for "Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies" "Kim" I created a newsletter yesterday - everythin... Any chance you've got a beta build of Win XP SP3 installed? Outlook data file check Hello, I am using Outlook 2007 on XPSP2.

Preferred file group Our application records transactional events (maybe 300K to 500K rows per day) on a separate file group called HISTORY.All of them allow it in the sense that they don't prevent or preclude it.None of them allow it in the sense of enabling it by providing their own CD burning engine.i.e For any future cl...(beginner)validating an xml doc with Dear Users, I'm programming a client; I have to provide a new feature that has to validates an xml document with an existing dtd file (or a schema) associated with the xml document. Is there any kind of method or instructions that match with my problem ? So I'm using this setup for over a year, everything OK. I know that we pasted things with a not appropriate format/resolution.Yesterday I did two things and now Outlook dies (quietly, sans error message) immediately after startup. Windows Update installed: KB9766662, KB979306, KB979099, KB975929 2. Do you know a way to simply display in a palette pasted image file property (size and type) This would help finding the ones needing optimization. Linking Workbooks and minimising file sizes Spec: presently have a "user" workbook of about 70 worksheets. Am trying to make a Rough Work worksheet which will contain all raw data needed for calculations in the "user" workbook. Monthly figs in rough work sheet are used to calculated "% of work acheived this year" in the user workbook.

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