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Updating tversity

The right click menu can now be used on items in the sharing tab and it works as expected (previously it sopped working once the tray icon menu was invoked - a seemingly unrelated action had some, unaccounted for, side effects).

It is no longer outrageous for consumers to pay a few dollars for software, even for little apps that were developed in a few days.This feature is turned off by default (since devices other than the Xbox 360 do not need it).When turning it on (from the settings tab in the GUI) one needs to reconstruct the media library for this to take effect.Add support for long title strings, which are essentially titles that include the name of their parents.This is to allow users of the Xbox 360 to navigate their long list of videos.

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Adjust the video resolution when transcoding to WMV to insure that the Xbox 360 can upscale it to the resolution of the TV using integer multiplication.