Updating reports dictionaries for continuous operations

Posted by / 16-Oct-2019 10:23

One danger, especially if you don’t actively pursue continuous improvement with your teams and employees today, is that you might feel pressured to make changes simply to show that you’re not sitting still.

An effective continuous improvement strategy requires a long-term, sustainable mindset and may not bear fruit in the extreme short term.

You need a full understanding of how you operate today so you can follow the principles of PDCA.Let a thorough analysis of your processes, products and procedures dictate the changes you put in place.The direct benefits of your continuous improvements are often easy to predict.Formalized in the 1980s in countless textbooks and publications, the notion that we should always strive to do our jobs better has existed for a very long time. Look at the case of the caveman: This is continuous improvement.It’s not finding a method that works and sticking with it.

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How you go about studying, planning, implementing and evolving that improvement is where it gets more complicated.