Updating permalink

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Updating permalink

For this, you can use a homepage redirect plugin such as m Press Custom Front Page.Hi, In my center we have a Moodle platform that works with version 3.3.x and the Adaptable template version 1.6.1.Before in Google Calendar Events you would have many settings that were confusing for most people and sometimes overlapped those provided in the feed post type.With the new widget, all you need to do is tell the widget which calendar you would like to display, from a dropdown list. There are a few fields before and after the calendar output in case you want to add text (or HTML) but those are optional.Event template tags are largely unchanged and in fact a few more have been introduced.Please review the available event template tags in Simple Calendar.Simple Calendar 3.0.0 has a new extensible architecture and as such it brought some organization to its core components.Before, with Google Calendar Events 2.4.0 or below, you would add a new Google Calendar using post types called Feeds.

To assign a menu firstly create one in Appearance Note: Only pages will be shown in the dropdown list: posts, portfolio items and products do not qualify for homepage item.Simple Calendar continues to do that, but now it’s calling these Calendars.Inside these calendars you can define the event source – the “feed”, to use the old terminology – that the calendars should use to get events to display and format according to your template./ admin / remains blank instead if I can enter as a teacher and as a student. Now I can´t enter in other pages and when I go to the .../login/the page is blank When I try to run the cron I get the following message: Moodle upgrade pending, cron execution suspended.

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You can still use the Word Press content editor to alter the appearance of events while using template tags, although you should avoid to make this too complex.