Updating passport with married name

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Will I need documentation from both previous divorces for name change purposes?

I am concerned about being able to get those documents from out of state.

Hello, yes you will need to update the name on your marriage certificate, and the marriage certificate is valid proof of name change even though it doesnt specificly list the that, that is your new name I am helping an elderly friend get a replacement SS card (after many yrs and 2 marriages) so that she can get Medicare. She has a first and middle name which is what her birth certificate shows.

thru her life she combined the two names into one and basically assumed that as her first name but never changed it legally.

Assemble all of the required materials, including proof of name change, your current passport, and the fee payable to the U. In most cases, it is recommended you mail these with return receipt requested.

If you are eligible for form DS-82, you may download the form, fill it out, include in the package your original name change document (certified or original), color passport photos and applicable fees If you are not eligible for form DS-82, you will be required to submit form DS-11 in person at a Passport Acceptance Facility or Passport Agency.

My married name (first, middle, maiden, married last) is on my SS card and drivers licence.

Is there a way to fix this without paying the fee and providing new photo?Name changes are done via mail, if you find an acceptance agent who is willing to see you in person, you still need to surrender the marriage certificate and it will be returned once the passport is released.The name in your passport must match the name on your Australian birth certificate, Australian citizenship certificate or previous Australian passport (provided this was issued after 20 August 1986 with at least two years validity), unless you have changed that name through an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM) or the Department of Home Affairs.If yes, I have my marriage certificate but it does not reflect my married last name.What additional documents (if any) do I need to submit in order for my name to be changed on my passport?

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You also need to provide proof of Citizenship along with all of the above documents.