Updating magellan 3100 government help consolidating student loans

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Updating magellan 3100

Access them on the GPS through the POI / Enhanced menus. I'm a newbie and just started reading up in this forum when this post caught my eye..I would like to know when you upload the poi file to the sd card does it replace the poi file that's in memory or overwrite a poi file that's already on the sd card.I don't know if these are included with Maestro 3100, but you might have a look around the CD you received to see if these programs are on it.JM No there is simply an autorun file that leads me through a warranty registration process, and a downloads folder that simply contains user manuals in format. I've connected the 3100 to the PC in hopes that would start some sort of autorun, but that didn't help either.Like others, I have found that the CD is useless and contains no utilities for accessing the unit.

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I guess you can't believe everything you read either.

Hey all...newbie here, and to GPS too (at least on the user side--I work on the other side of the radio from LOTS of users daily).

Just wish I could add custom icons to the unit but I haven't found a way to do that. I used a friends Garmin 340 for a trip in the mountains. Magellan support sent me this ftp link ftp://qaenguser:[email protected] it has lots of files that may prove to be helpful since your question is the one I was asking magellan for my 3100. There is a hack to replace the POI file that comes with the 3100 with a much larger one.

It had every poi that you can think of including vinyards. tried opening a Magellan *file with a Hex Editor and it looks quite obvious that *files are encrypted or, at least in a highly proprietary format.

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Loads into the editor from the PC and saves to the SD card.

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