Updating intellisence

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Updating intellisence

This eliminates the need of listing individual paths each header lives in, which is especially useful when headers are located in different sub-directories.

The following is an example of using the new syntax “**” for recursive search in the configuration file.

Download the C/C extension for Visual Studio Code, try it out and let us know what you think. If you haven’t already provided us feedback, please take this quick survey to help shape this extension for your needs.

I suspect we may not work with "relative paths" without "$" being used.

We are super excited about it and hope you would like it too!

In this update, we primarily focused on drastically reducing the amount of configuration you have do to gain a great Intelli Sense experience, and also added a few other features to boost your productivity.

On Windows, the compiler auto-detection logic first searches for MSVC, followed by WSL, Min GW, and then Cygwin.

This release allows you to set any of the Intelli Sense settings in your user or workspace file.

This comes in handy when multiple projects share a common set of includes, defines, or compiler, etc.Solution 2 Now "Restart the Visual Studio" and Try Again (mostly works).Solution 3 Just delete the folder "Reflected Schemas".You can use the “editor.snippet Suggestions” setting to change where the snippets show up in the suggestion list.Last but not least, we updated the extension to work with Windows Update for April 2018, which introduced case-sensitive file naming in a Windows environment for the very first time.

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In the following example, the compiler is auto-detected on WSL at the location of “/use/bin/gcc”.