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Updating home for sale

If it’s broke, then, yes, please fix it.“Don’t put off repairs while you wait for the optimum time,” says Cristina Miguélez, remodeling specialist at anything whose average life expectancy is relatively long, and where you want your listing to showcase that these key systems are less than five years old.

Since garage doors can last for up to 40 years, this is an update you can enjoy right now, without worrying about taking a depreciation hit.Regardless of how old or new your neighborhood is, choose timeless styles and colors that will appeal to a wide range of home buyers.If you do your market research and follow the trends, you’ll end up with a beautifully renovated home that will appeal to a large range of buyers.Emulate the finishes those homes have while remaining within your budget. Many homeowners look for updated kitchens, master bedrooms and bathrooms.These three spaces alone can sell your home, so consider investing extra money in these areas.

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Front doors can last for decades, but they are also exposed to the elements, so this is a good time frame to allow you to enjoy the aesthetics and energy savings, without running the risk that it will look too weathered come sales time.

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