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Updating fedora core

is always one of the various commands in this regard.

Now, the book has a new chapter, LYM Workbook, where the reader can set up VMs in the local machine via Vagrant, and go through a series of problems in those machines.

This one question always came up, many times, the students managed to destroy their systems by doing random things.

The guidelines for Source recommend using tarballs and give a few other suggestions for how to set Source0 appropriately.

The Fedora kernel generates 3 types of kernel releases: official releases (v5.2, v5.2.1), rc releases (v5.3-rc6), and snapshots that don't correspond to an official tag.

This define is used by libdnf to detect whether to ask libsolv and librepo to attempt to use zchunk (libdnf doesn’t actually use zchunk itself).

The problem is that RHEL 8’s librepo had this defined, but didn’t actually have zchunk enabled, which caused Bad Things To Happen™.

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The option of dnf tool clean all --releasever=32 will clean all packages from fc32. Drop by if you have any questions or comments about the schedule, Changes, elections, or anything else.