Updating computer clock eight at eight dating

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Updating computer clock

This is a Mac Pro 4.1 (Early 2009), there is no Bios, only a EFI that is saved with the battery, booting from mac OS Sierra does not have this issue.I am running Windows 10 on a separate SSD, and the issue is only when booting from the Windows SSD.

Using a Hardware RAID Areca 1880i with a straight Windows 10 install on a EFI booted SATA 3 connected SSD. You still have to use a third party utility to set the clock on Windows, since it has to run in either Parallels or Bootcamp when running on Mac hardware, with Mac OS-X installed.Date and Time Settings are set to "Set time automatically", But after any reboot, Windows 10 displays the incorrect time.When I go to the Date and Time Settings configuration and toggle the "Set time automatically" setting off then on again, the time changes to the correct time.When you installed Windows on your Mac, the Bootcamp drivers are installed.Apple has made it so that older machines are not going to be able to use Windows 10 on them.

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