Updating asus eee kernel dating bypass com

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Updating asus eee kernel

They assume that the computer has a PAE (Physical Address Extension) processor.When I've tried to install Ubuntu on my EEEPC, the installation fails immediately because it says my processor is non-PAE (the processor on my EEEPC is a 32-bit 900 MHz Intel Celeron M ULV 353). I had damaged the keyboard when I spilled water on it, but I simply bought a new keyboard and took out the old one and put in the new one. After five years of use, I realize the keys had become become mushy.

There are EEEPC models where you can easily take out the SSD and replace it, but my EEEPC 701 model is not one of them.

When partitioning the internal hard disk, create a 16MB primary partition of type EFI (0x EF).

The location on the disk is unimportant but the partition must be a primary one.

After a while, I could see that the original operating system was difficult to keep updated, so I decided to install a new operating system.

In 2010, I installed an operating system called Easy Peasy (based on Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system) and used that for a while.

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The new keyboard really put the vim and vigor back into the feel of the computer itself.