Updating a mobile home inside dating a truck driver forums

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Updating a mobile home inside

Sooooo many months ago, I posted on our facebook page that we were getting ready to have our double wide painted.

1) Bead board: Let’s start with what we use the most: bead board walls.After 17 years of remodeling the inside of our home, we decided that, perhaps, it was time we start doing something about the outside.If you’ve ever taken the siding off of your double wide or mobile home for any reason, you may have seen that there is barely anything there to insulate your home. There is probably the siding, a pathetic layer of wrap that is the consistency of the little sheet of foam that sits on top of a Whitman’s Sampler, then the studs for the walls, and, if you’re lucky, there might be some R11 insulation, and then the gypsum board with the ugly flower print on it on the inside. No, there isn’t any Tyvek wrap, no R30 insulation, no sheets of plywood forming the exterior walls. Anyhoo, we contemplated taking all of the siding off, putting wood exterior walls on the outside of the studs, then wrapping in Tyvek. We got an estimate of ,000 for this job on our 26×48′ exterior walls.Because mobile homes don’t have a lot of character, this adds tons of it.Plus they help insulate better and sound proof, both of which are issues mobile home owners have issues with. 2) Corrugated Metal: In our laundry room, we kind of ran out of budget, but found a KILLER deal on some metal roofing, so we installed it on one wall. 3) Planking: The last (and most recent) wall treatment we’ve added is plank walls. If you’re looking to add a little something extra to a space, wall coverings can go a long way, baby!

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Once you see what other people have done to transform their homes, you have something to work with.