Top dating places

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Top dating places

Having a meal in front of you gives you somewhere to direct your attention in moments of discomfort or awkward silence.I don’t have to tell you that absolutely any restaurant, cafe, bistro or crêperie in the city would be a suitable meeting point between you and your date.I am, however, going to tell you about a hidden gem of a brunch spot that is ideal as they come.Nestled in the suburban streets of Montmartre is the Hôtel Particulier.It’s an ideal spot to meet up with someone new as you find a quiet corner in the sun to talk and get to know your new Tinder friend.There are public squares and plazas in quite literally every arrondissement of Paris.Finding common conversation ground with someone new can be tricky, especially if there are no distinct talking points surrounding your meeting place for you to draw from. The works at the Orangerie span across many of the most well known names in fine art known around the world.Renoir, Picasso and Monet steal the spotlight in this establishment, making for simple and generalized art chat that doesn’t put you on the spot too heavily.

You’re in plain sight of individuals who can help you if things go south, but you’re also away from prying eyes and the outside world.

The Grand Rex is the most iconic movie theatre in Paris.

It is the home of the largest movie cinema in all of Europe, if you’d like to see it then request tickets for whatever is screening in the “main auditorium”.

What you’ll find happening in the space if you show up blind is never certain — one must check the Palais de Tokyo website prior.

Exhibits and events aside, the Palais de Tokyo building is an intricate structure that boasts ample outdoor space where visitors can hang out during the day.

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Mont importantly, you need to meet your date somewhere where an “out” is possible, should the date be going distinctly bad.

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