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This guy makes me wanna learn japanese language :)) The best of his performances is with Horikita Maki. He always tries his best and ended as a good result. I hope you'll pick a good script and then wow-ing your way again in many people's heart.Never a kiss, but their intensity is over the top, more than with other actresses filming with love situations...... My website looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. uumm Yamapi, as an actor he's definitely not the best one, there are many out there thats better than him in term of versatility, his acting not always good, but at times he can really2 nail the character he played. he's just not that versatile IMO.can be quite good at times depends on the character he portrayed... Just ignore the haters : D Whenever i see people saying yamapi is the best actor I thing that the world is really gonna go to an end. You're the cool and the best actor that I meet until now ..I try watched him in movie Kinkyori Renai and i like him when he fall in love with student (Nana Komatsu). suerte y que siempre sigas superándote, algún día me encantaría ver a un tomo, hecho un gran actor.I also like him in dorama 5ji Kara 9ji Made with Satoshi Ishihara, this drama was so funny (romance comedy). Among all his dramas, I love Buzzer Beat the most bcs i like to see him with Keiko Kitagawa. The best scene in Buzzer Beat in episode 5 when they hugged each other at basketball court. Yamapi-kun is great actor and singer, I've been his fan frm years since he was in NEWS band till now I still really love him! Just keep on showing them what you truly are and that you are a great person. i spent most of my time watching dorama and end up falling for Yamapi, though I must admit his acting skill is still not that good, but HE IS NO DOUBT THE CUTEST JAPANESE EVER, i know i'm being irrational to love him just by his looks---but lemme say it one more time: DEFINETELY THE HOTTEST AND CUTEST JAPANESE EVER!!What makes this rumored relationship interesting is that both Yamapi and Satomi have been billed as “Co-star killers” by some tabloids, having been romantically linked to many of their previous co-stars.Most recently Satomi was linked to J SOUL BROTHERS member Takanori Iwata, who both starred in the 2014 Fuji television series “Dear Sister”.

I've watched his old dramas nobuta so produce was my favourite! ( * o * ) I mean he's a Shinto priest who experienced love at first sight and eventually courted the girl everyday ! I can say the best drama of all dramas that Yamapi made. Not forgetting he is smart and hardworking, in his singing career and watch him on Kiss English program! This guy is possibly the only one that i can continue adore forever. But the imperfection is what makes him more believable and lovable.They were spotted together at a restaurant famous for affluent customers wanting to be discreet, staying well into the night.The ‘relationship’ was never confirmed though, and was most likely just two friends hanging out.I believe it's just the characters he's playing and also different image where Johnny's Ent. Yamapi very good at english, He is so calm, mature, knows how to talk, not overacting, funny, simple, natural, humble, and SMART. I'm waiting for the concert tour (EROP) i wonder what he will do. Acting, same like any kind of art out there is all about perception.wants him to portray along his age Watch his older dramas (in his teen days up to Nobuta and Pro Dai), he was more 'fun' and cute. dammit i just want to hug and kiss him whenever i watch his 'C-Range Love' movie. I knew yamapi since 1 month ago, when I watched Proposal Daisakusen. but then I watch Proposal Daisakusen Special, that's the ending, so sweet ^ ^ ..., It made me addicted watching Yamapi... It so difficult when idolize a japanese idol, because almost all of the video has no engsub. He always try to challenge, like making a song, like ai texas, its a good song and melody but with a boring choreography and PV, some says. Great choreography ad great song and melody and also PV. That's why there'll always be a pro contra to something, especially those thing that have to do with subjectivity rather than objectivity.

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I don't understand because the producers have left this very interesting couple out of the screen. I'm trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this problem. I really love the way he portrayed Akira in Nw P, it seems so original something i've never seen before. what surprised me is that he tends to get carried away with the character he portrayed!! Such a BAD actor and its stupid to compare him to KIMUTAKU and i dont even consider kimutaku a great actor. ~ not only is he good, but also a down to earth guy.. though he is a workaholic, i love him for that.inspires a lot of people. Your action and your role in every your dramas and films are so good and cool ..

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