Tips on dating an army guy

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um if you are dating a military man just date that military man don’t marry him after two months, don’t marry him after five months, or even six months. Sometimes it works out if you’ve known each other before the military but a lot of the times if you know them in the military and you marry them in the military it doesn’t work out.Just because how can you know someone whenever you don’t know someone for that long.No matter how hard the temptation is, never ever cheat on your military boyfriend.Most of the time, they are struggling hard on the battle fronts and looking forward to be with you when they are back.You date them for two months and then they’re about to go on deployment and so you say oh no I need to marry them now you’re doing it for selfish reasons you’re marrying them because they’re leaving maybe you want the military pay money maybe you want health insurance maybe you want I mean I don’t know who knows but you’re doing it for selfish reasons anytime you marry someone it should be purely on the fact that you love them and that you’re going to wait for them because he can be gone in two months get deployed and you should still love him whether or not you’re married to him if you loved him you would wait till you got back and then you would marry him.I know it’s hard it’s so hard to be a military person but you you chose this life so now you have to do it you can’t just say I want to marry you now because you’re going to leave that’s not that’s not right Number one the first thing which I’ve kind of touched on is it’s gonna be hard it’s going to be really really really really really really a million times hard.There is no better gift for him than eating something you made just for him with all your love.It is essential for you to be a rock and tender hearted at the same time.

However, there are good many reasons to stick with your military boyfriend. Being a military girlfriend can seem like a sacrifice as well as a reward.There is so much stress on his job that he might not find sufficient time to write to you as often as you write to him.On special occasions, it is a great idea to send him handwritten letters with greeting cards, photographs, gifts or packed homemade food that he likes.Your military boyfriend might be away on his posting for long durations and I am aware that it is really difficult to maintain long distance relationship.However, there needs to be a total commitment from your side when you opt to be a military girlfriend.

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If one thing goes wrong that could be America at risk basically.

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