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Look, what I’m telling you is that there’s no better program on the Internet, and I’m not telling you that simply because I get commission if you happen to buy it from this site (although, in the interests of fair disclosure I should add that I do). I forgot to say you can get the contents of the PDF as an audio MP3 so you can listen to the Tao of Badass as you go about your daily routine.

I’m telling you all this because I want you to be where I am – happy and in a relationship. you can get your woman, get a girlfriend, get a lover – I know it!

What really transformed my life was a slow process of learning techniques to approach women, getting advice from friends, plucking up the courage to face rejection and knowing that it didn’t really matter if a woman said “no”, and above all, not staying in the friend zone with women who were never gonna go to bed with me. You and I understand why, having been rejected so many times by women.

They possess this charisma that even awes other men.

And their girlfriends and women, hell knows, they net the hottest and fiery of them all.

Furthermore, the Tao of Badass is great in situations where things are not going so well, where you might get confused and lost.

The right body language, the right lines, the right approach, can get you out of the hole and back on track to a great date.


This training manual will show you the simple mistakes that you need to correct so that you will really be successful with women.

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