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I see all of the Sunday couples walking around holding hands.Sunday couples are young couples who stay over Saturday night (if you know what I mean) and have carefully assembled designer sweats, sneakers and baseball caps to wear on Sundays.She has rich dark hair the color of a flourless chocolate cake and shining brown eyes to match.Her cheeks are slightly pink from the windy day, and her complexion is flawless.He and Mom divorced ten years ago, and since then, he’s reverted back to the lifestyle he was meant for: the lifestyle of a bachelor. The truth is, Mom and Dad were a disaster from the start.He’s traveled the world with his company, living in Singapore, Johannesburg, Berlin and now in Ottawa, Canada. Mom and Dad sat down with Tracey and me, explaining that he was going to move out. I’m surprised Mom didn’t see through his hollow charm right away, but I guess she was young and innocent, and trusted love.I usually meet her in Manhattan on weekends for lattes, which she insists on paying for.

Dad is in tech, and I don’t want Tracey to end up with a guy like him. And when none of my arguments worked, I started to cry.She’s kind, hardworking and selfless—sometimes to a fault—and I won’t let her settle for anything less than she deserves.In any other city, she’d have been snatched up by some wonderful guy already, but New York is tricky, since there are far more single women than men, and the dating culture is downright strange. People move for their careers—why not to find a man?YOU MIGHT THINK that September is a weird time to be making New Year’s resolutions. When I’m not sure of the answers, I tell my clients the Oracle will have to get back to them so that she can on my Web site so I don’t get sued if something I suggest backfires.Well, Mom never accused me of doing anything on time, especially tidying my room, loading the dishwasher or Swiffering the kitchen. With all of this responsibility, I don’t have time for a love life, anyway.

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