Teen dating issue

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Teen dating issue

“If they choose not to take action, for me, they are a bystander.”The study exposed multiple instances of high-school principals seemingly misinformed or uninformed on teen dating violence.

“Me coming in to do a three- or four-day program in a classroom is really great, but the entire school environment has to change for real change to happen.” As an expert in the field, she said that requires buy-in from school leaders.Adolescents are more prone to physical and psychological harm because they lack sufficient life experience, they tend to have strong desires for independence, and they typically seek misguided support from their peers.Furthermore, certain early childhood experiences can predispose individuals to violent tendencies, such as maltreatment, social disadvantage, or family instability.What’s more, some parents have their own misconceptions and myths about dating abuse, such as the belief that partner abuse must be physical by definition.Only 36 percent of principals included in the study believed that students have a major role in assisting survivors.

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“I think that’s lack of insight on the principals’ part,” Khubchandani argued, suggesting the principals are unwilling to acknowledge students’ role in helping their peers cope with and prevent dating abuse.

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