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Sandra is among the well-known television personalities who work for Fox.

Sandra – nicknamed Sandy – hails from a big family, the youngest with four brothers and a sister.

In 2016, Sandra Smith was a moderator for two presidential debates, a task she performed with Trish Regan, an historical first as an all-female team for such debates.

When it comes to her personal life, Sandra is a straight woman, having been married to John Connelly since 2010.

They now have a daughter known as Cora Belle Connelly born in 2013, and a son Connelly Jr., born in 2015.

Sandra has appeared in several Fox Business Network shows, now on a salary estimated by authoritative sources to be 0,000, adding to a net worth which stands at million as of late 2018, which helps pay for exotic vacations on which she takes her pet dog, considered as part of her family and says that she want it to grow up together with her kids as its age is between her kid’s.I think this is the major cause of my insomnia tonight . To know when He speaks, and to walk BOLDLY in faith. Steve and I are looking at the possibility of buying a house, and when I say that I mean..have one picked out. I am thankful that it has driven me to quiet moments with the Lord tonight, or this morning I should say :) I pulled out my devotional "Jesus Calling." It was so specifically for me tonight, but I wanted to share it in case at some point someone should happen upon this post and be also encouraged.God is really working on me these day about fear vs. I think many times the scales tip more towards fear. Just wrestling with if this is what God has for us right now and trying to see how HE will make things come together for our future. "You will not find My Peace by engaging in excessive planning; attempting to control what will happen to you in the future. When your mind spins with multiple plans, Peace may sometimes seem to be within your grasp; yet it always eludes you.Apart from these achievements, she was also a state qualifier in the school’s association and earned the honor of “All-Du Page Valley Conference”.Sandra enrolled into Illinois State University, but after a year moved to Louisiana State University in 2002, studying business with a speech minor and graduating in 2005.

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