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Unfortunately, they wound up failing the test, getting divorced. But the film’s production was so rough, and the couple’s frictions occurred so often, that they broke up one year later, after shooting had wrapped.That must’ve been quite the awkward movie to promote.By the Sea, written and directed by Jolie, stars her and Pitt as, um, a married couple in the midst of an intense series of arguments that might result in breaking up.Jolie knew making this movie would test their marriage.

may have been savaged by critics and audiences, earning status as one of the worst movies ever made.— the other woman in his onscreen relationship with Rosamund Pike.And apparently, Affleck and Ratajkowski had some “other woman” moments during production. films, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a picture-perfect romance.But their experience making the movie made them realize they wanted more. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, aka Bella and Edward, were the sparkly, star-crossed vampire lovers who set the world on fire with their on and off-screen romance. , his gritty take on the story, including Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, and Stewart.But he and Stewart couldn’t help tasting the forbidden fruit, getting together during production. Depp and Heard began translating their on-screen romance into the real thing, which kinda got in the way of Depp’s relationship with Paradis.

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