Speed dating for america americans in chicago cancer dating virgo man

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Speed dating for america americans in chicago

The intention of Navy Pier's second annual "Spinning Singles" speed dating event last month was more clear than Lake Michigan on a sunny summer day.All of us had journeyed here to mingle with attractive people while soaring on an amusement park ride, then drinking on a yacht docked in the lake. This wasn't one of those anti-singles parties that defiantly celebrate their resistance to Valentine's Day's Dracula-like suck on America's attention. This was V-Day on steroids, primed to shock and awe its participants into romance. The pink lights affixed to the Centennial Wheel (including a LED-lit cartoon heart the size of a SUV on the central hub) shone so brightly that everything around it looked dipped in Pepto-Bismol.Now all 90 of us were trudging the length of the pier through the snow to our separate ways.Elliott, Devon, and I were laughing at the ridiculous antics we'd witnessed. The guy who faked a southern accent to test-market it with the ladies! Moments later, while biking on Grand Avenue, I caught up to John and Michael and asked John what had happened to his quest to ask Brandi out.But that cynical thought had melted down, replaced with a pearl of wisdom I'd heard earlier from possibly some great philosopher: "I'm on a Ferris wheel in the world's greatest city, what could go wrong? Several family members and close friends of mine have been to Chicago, and I was always super jealous of their trips.During my first "speed date" experience, we interacted almost solely through icebreakers.

The rules called for the "spinning singles" to swap gondolas after each successive spin in order to meet with three new members of the opposite sex, but oddly enough, we remained with our same-sex "competition" (let's face it, this event was heteronormative AF) for the entire time.

It helped matters that we were surprisingly comfortable riding a Ferris wheel on a harsh Chicago winter night.

When the Dutch-designed Centennial Wheel was installed in May 2016 as part of the pier's larger renovation project, most of the attention focused on its size—at 196 feet, it was nearly 50 foot taller than its predecessor.

Here's how it worked: The 90 participants—45 women, 45 men—were assigned a number, then packed six at a time into each of the wheel's 41 gondolas to engage in fun and flirty conversations while ascending into the night sky.

Meet someone that piqued your interest and you were encouraged to slip him or her a contact card from a small deck distributed during an earlier orientation session. " printed on the front along with a space to write in your name and contact information.

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"Sorry, Devon, I couldn't hear you," I said to the woman lounging on the padded blue seats on the opposite side of the gondola. Regardless, they seemed ready to break out of this stiff format. " John asked the shy college-aged woman sitting side-by-side with Devon and Elliott. On this night, John bravely guided the nervous crew of a more modest kind of vessel by prompting new questions and intervening almost every time there was a hint of an awkward pause in the conversation. The conversation largely ping-ponged between the two pairs of friends and me, our breath fogging up the safety glass keeping the cold air out. We'd earned a small achievement as a group: we'd created a modicum of intimacy in 12 minutes together.