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Social connection speeddating

I used the film Faces (with John Cleese) and the books, The Autobiography of the face, and another book (not the companion to the video Faces) The Face, which was a great resource.

Then they join larger and larger groups to see if they can identify even more similarities.

Jim Friedrich reports that he uses this activity and adds: "I simply have my pairs that have emerged from the game arbitrarily designate a "Partner A" and a "Partner B"; then each pair gets to plot their coordinates with Partner A on the X asis and Partner B on the Y.

There's always a very nice scatterplot, as the demo itself produces pretty good matching.

There are park and ride options along the bike path so you can shorten the length of the ride, or head all the way to Charlevoix and make it 60!

This package is for those that have their own lodging or are coming up for just the day ride.

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