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Sim 2 charactor dating older sim

And that's exactly what happened to Redditor badcollin while playing .One of my Sims had the desire to sleep with ten people. He was always in his studio endlessly painting, he had a bed in there, he was completely dedicated.And to give you a giggle – or maybe more of a nervous chuckle – we've collected the best/worst of them all here.The story from kaybee41906 involves some vampires, some children and the sun."I didn't exactly mean to do this, but I had a vampire couple that had triplets.

Nobody else ever came in and burned my house down, or even used my kitchen. "May you never rest, Bob." , I start my family with a painting goblin. I make sure to give him the following traits: likes to be alone, likes art, hates the outdoors. Eventually his paintings become very good and worth a lot of money.

Instead, he decided to make everyone ridiculously embarrassed about bowel movements. She became desperate, sleeping whilst standing up, pissing on the spot, going crazy because of lack of social. I had a perfect nuclear family, the husband and wife had good jobs and the house they built was expensive yet tasteful. I spent a good two hours on making this f**king house perfect. But I was only 8 and I had forgotten the most important goddamn thing to buy when you make a house.

"So one day I was in a mischievous mood so I decided to perform a 'social experiment'. Basically a big square of unpainted walls without windows and only 1 door. She could see her pizza but she couldn't get to it. "When you move, neighbours from other blocks will come over to greet you. Bob walked up the first set of stairs and made a beeline to the kitchen. Usually when a fire starts it's okay because you have an alarm which notifies the fire department, except I forgot to buy the alarm. Bob f**king walked away with no emotion, leaving my family to scream and freak out in the kitchen.

first launched, it's become quite a habit for gamers to torture their little Sims.

Gamers have taken to Reddit, to the official forums and other online alternatives to proudly vocalise what horrible, horrible things they've done to their Sims over the years.

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