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Not only does she know the true value of good car snacks, she'll come with playlists prepared and the stamina to sit behind the wheel for hours on end, with no need to worry about highway hypnosis. There just isn't another state that has the kind of pride that Texas inspires.

We grew up driving, like, four hours to grandma's house and then back again at night — we can handle a road trip. It doesn't matter if you stay in Texas your whole life or move away eventually, a Texan is always a Texan.

Teachers must devote more attention to abstinence from sexual activity than to any other behavior and present it as the preferred choice for all unmarried students of school age.

Morath’s report also recommends students learn in primary grades to “show acceptance of others by respecting differing perspectives, while resisting prejudice and stereotypes.” Staff Writer Brooke La Mantia contributed to this report from San Antonio.

Leather car seats are so hot you could essentially fry an egg on them. Also, that's why you sit on your jacket (which you always have with you because every building is (sacrilege! I have yet to find any salsa outside of Texas that actually brings spice to my mouth. Two-stepping is basically a rite of passage in Texas. There's some insane myth floating around the northeast that burgers and hot dogs = barbecue. They are the nectar of the gods, if the gods were into tequila.

), you have no business associating yourself with the #Texas brand. It's like New Yorkers can't handle anything hotter than ... If you didn't do it at a wedding, you probably did it at Gruene Hall or Midnight Rodeo. Pounding Whataburger HBCBs like there's no tomorrow. Breaking in a pair of boots and not complaining about all the blisters. You do them at every single bachelorette party you'll ever go to if you live in Texas. A real Texas girl sucks on a lime and asks for another round. They can also be a lot to handle if you aren't used to them (if you've ever had a Mexi Mart at Trudy's, you know how real this is), but for Texas girls, a margarita is essentially water.

For those who don't know, it's so much more than just taking two steps in a circular fashion. You can argue all day long about Mc Donalds or Burger King? Cowgirl boots might look comfy and cool, but if you've ever put on a fresh pair, you know they're actually so tight and so stiff and owwwwwwwie. humidity, but they have to deal with a bunch of men calling them "sweetheart" and "honey" all the time. Driving down the highway for eight hours at a time.

Texans know that nothing in this world compares to Whataburger, and we are experts at guzzling HBCBs (Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits, for the unfortunately uninformed) and Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwiches. Also, Texans know the #hack of adding pickles to their HBCBs. You gotta break those suckers in (maybe by two-stepping? A weekend trip to anyone else is a day trip to a Texan, and there's no one you'd rather have on a road trip than a Texas girl.

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