Senior cyber chat xm radio updating long does take

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Senior cyber chat

There are some basic safety practices that seniors can use to help protect themselves online.

There are three primary ways that scammers try to take advantage of seniors online.

If you believe that someone is attempting to use the internet to scam you, it’s better to be proactive and cautious than risk being taken advantage of by an online scammer.

Some malicious software makes personal files unreadable by encrypting them, only releasing the files once the victim has paid the scammer a ransom.Many of those pages are innocent, yet annoying, advertisements. Scammers use either fearful messaging or congratulatory text to encourage you to click links in the web page.Both tactics appeal to your emotions and encourage you to act quickly. Close the window or tab immediately and never click any links in those pages.Each of these methods has additional specific scams within them, but knowing the ways that scammers target people is key to online safety.While online security professionals, such as those in the police force and FBI, are aware of some very common email scams, seniors’ trusting nature and good-heartedness can sometimes result in taking advantage of their goodwill.

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With more and more people going online every day, many criminals have moved away from in-person petty crime and scams and toward online fraud and attacks.