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Sean connery and catherine zeta jones dating

In the 1963 classic , it appears that the man is older, sometimes by decades, than the woman among couples in movies. Why do both men and women in every generation expect and want the leading male character in movies to be so much older than his female counterpart?

The conventional social science explanation relies on cultural norms and socialization.

For them, older, not younger, women have greater fertility.They began asking her if she knew something about his health, while others revealed they saw the photo and instantly thought he had passed.actress was simply sharing admiration for a friend that was presumably in fine health.Robinson in is supposed to be much older than Benjamin, being the mother of his girlfriend Elaine, in reality, Ann Bancroft is only six years older than Dustin Hoffman.It appears that we expect the woman to be so much younger than the man in movies that, when the woman is actually older than the man, even by only six years, she is considered to be “too old” for him.

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