Safe chat rooms for sexual addiction

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Click here to order Session 2: Relapse and Recovery - This coaching session with Erik will deal with slips and relapses in a compassionate way to help you learn how to get sober. Learn from your last relapse and gain wisdom from it.Identify what your triggers are and 3 questions to ask yourself that will prevent another slip. Sometimes, we think that if we didn't have these problems in the marriage, we wouldn't "use" sex so much. Sexual addiction can impact one's pocketbook, physical health and self esteem. We don't see how acting out sexually is causing all these other problems. The losses can be astounding--a marriage, a family, a job, and self dignity.We might also just think that we have a higher sex drive than others and this is still normal.

(49 minutes) Click here to order Session 3: A Plan of Recovery - Just like "the force of addiction" had a plan of destruction, you must have a plan of recovery. I know this is bold to say, but I haven't ever seen anyone get long term freedom from sex addiction without it. In a marriage, we complain that our wives don't love us enough.

You might be thinking, "it is hard to imagine that there is anything better." (for sexaholics, some research indicates that you might process dopamine differently that other people do and that your experience of sex might be different as well.) Most people understand that sexuality is a very powerful force.

When one has had a hard time keeping up in life, it is easy to use one's sexuality, or rather misuse it to feel better.

One has to see past the addiction, to what one can become.

One has to see that there more important things in life besides sex.

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If you feel that you have a problem, there is help! How does one learn how to recover from the grip of addiction?

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