Rory gilmore girls sex storys

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Rory gilmore girls sex storys

The story takes place after my story "The Morning After".

For nearly a minute neither girl moved from her chair nor uttered a word. Rory snatched up a small pillow and nearly swallowed it. "It wasn't the first time and it certainly isn't now," answered Rory. Rory got up from her chair and perched herself on the massive oak table. "Besides, YOU started it with that little touch on my leg that Mr.

"I am going to leave the two of you together and let you work this out. You are excused from class for the rest of this period. "Good." The headmaster gathered the papers on his desk. Please do not disappoint me in this matter." "No sir, we won't," Paris assured him as Rory added agreement.

I want the two of you to talk like the civilized young ladies that I, this institution and your parents expect you to be. The girls sat silently as the man majestically stalked from the room. Not just run-of-the-mill chuckles but full blown, belly aching, tear producing, nearly out of control laughter. " "That one was YOUR fault," interjected the blonde girl.

For just a split second she recalled touching this same breast the night they first made love.

That one accidental touch had triggered what was becoming an irresistible attraction between them, one that neither of them wanted to deny.

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"Oh MY," giggled Rory softly, blowing again into the ear before her lips. At the same time, the lovely blonde girl's fingers had made a discovery of their own as they explored Rory's legs. Rory giggled as she avoided Paris' attempt to kiss her.

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