Polyamory dating seattle

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Polyamory dating seattle

2017-10-27 I really miss my gaming buddies 2017-11-02 Treatment of "New-Poly" 2017-11-08 Couldn't connect for so long, it started feeling like maybe I wasn't Poly 2017-11-14 Triad Worries 2018-01-20 I'm feeling a strange happiness right now.

My secondary partner is giving my primary partner a much needed massage.

But I'm the last few weeks, the stress of maintaining the group was becoming too much for me.2018-12-10 (Xpost from Askmen) Women who had been body shamed, what happened and what did you do?2018-12-10 Aesthetically attractive men who have dated less aesthetically attractive partners, how did you handle the people around you making comments or giving looks?I'm really good at creating a space and planting a seed, but I am in no way a leader. Tomorrow is the second official Seattle Poly Meetup made through the group, and I'm excited to go and meet a lot of the people whom I have watched and talked to over the last year.I posted today that I was stepping down and giving Admin privileges to one of the mods (the best friend I was talking about) because she's so much more passionate and fiery than I am, and I feel like she'll be able to take the space I created and instill some structure into it.

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Too many lookyloos or chances for non poly people to be jerks.

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