Politics and dating

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Politics and dating

I like to learn why people feel the way they do about different political topics and I often learn more about different issues when having these discussions.

But many people really aren’t like this and their discussions turn into very heated arguments.

Since it's an election year, a few significantly large surveys have already been conducted on the relationship between politics and love.

So how are politics affecting dating and relationships for millennials?

When I was younger, my dad always used to tell me that there are two things you never discuss with people you don’t really know – religion and politics.

As I grew up and became aware of the controversy surrounding both of these topics, I understood why this was something my dad believed in.

Of the 53 percent that would date “outside of their political comfort zone,” there was a clear gender divide: 62 percent of men vs. The survey also found that Trump’s reputation with Democrats and Independents hasn’t tainted their views of his datable supporters.

Fifty-five percent of women and 75 percent of men say they’d date a Trump supporter.

It would appear that the majority of millennials agree with this sentiment, saying the first date is far too early to discuss such taboo topics.

Luckily, we have been able to have a handful of political discussions that have ended civilly and I have to think I can’t be the only person who has experienced this. Is it possible to date someone who doesn’t have the same political views as you?

We’re willing to bet that your relationships have also undergone some serious changes in the last few months — and that includes your approach to love.

That’s super surprising, since political conversations have been really touchy (we never want to relive last Thanksgiving’s debate with our extended family) for a few person brings it up.

“It’s apparent that broaching this subject for the first time may be difficult and could lead to some challenging conversations,” POF’s communications manager Shannon Smith says.

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How do you deal with dating in the current political climate?

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