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Not as though we only “go around once.” I want to live recognizing that we go around twice. Makes these 80-100 years blush in an embarrassment of youth.On the other hand, the two angels asked, “Why do you stand here looking into the sky?They do not scan the horizon for an outrigger from the Marquesas Islands.They look back to their simple village, the crops of taro and manioc.Maybe we’re to live on the bias, one eye toward the village, one eye toward eternity.

Hotfooted is very obvious formerly you fetch up your practice session or because they need to remain in hands at New York lone.Unlike my pyramid idea, I’m not going to erect a stone Moai to myself in front of our Baltimore row house.Rather, I’m impressed that the Moai stare inland, not seaward.Most thoughtful peoples have realized they’ll be dead longer than they’ll be alive and that it would behoove one to give some attention to the afterlife.While our faith in Christ doesn’t belittle the current life, it certainly elevates the expectation of a delightful future.

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” (Acts ), He’ll “come back in the same way you have seen him go…” Kind of a warning to not turn into sky-gawkers, but to get about our business.