Personal k9 sex

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Personal k9 sex

We need to be 100% certain when placing a dog that will be around children; therefore we would only suggest dogs that we know would fit this criteria.

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We usually try to integrate a dog of the opposite sex as this tends to work best.

A: Our dogs are trained to recognise threatening behaviour, to deal with that threat and once the threat is dealt with, to go back to being a lovable affable, family pet.

Small groups provide an excellent, more economic alternative to our private lesson packages for obedience training.

This class is geared towards dogs with little or no previous training, or for dogs who know the basics but have trouble performing in new environments, around distractions, or without bribery.

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Through the intensive training that our dogs receive over an extended time period they are taught to pick up on not just behaviour and situations that may be associated with a potential threat but are also incredibly tuned in to their handler's body language.

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